Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drama Portfolio

Portfolio Initially, our task was to create a mental process based on either the play Poppy or the true story of the geminate Girls. Ultimately, we decided to base our performance using the stimulus of the allot girls and the theme of men overruling women. We chose this because our initial response to the match girls was publicize more positive compared to the other stimulus, Poppy. To accomplish this we sat as a group and discussed different types of discrimination and sexism and agreed on the four choices of Slave labor, Equal Rights, Minimum wage and ignominy because they all fall under the theme of men overruling women. Our passe-partout intention was to make the performance rhyme, to engage the audience more. solitary(prenominal) if we felt it wouldnt have been as serious as we where aiming our performance to be. For the opening of our piece we decided to recreate the lord stimulus regard of the Match Girls. We also incorporated many a(prenominal) a(pre nominal) names of the people that where involved in the Match girls. too we added lots of circumstances and information that was relevant in the quantify geological period of the Match Girls. After the first pictorial matter of us recreating the picture of the match girls the atmosphere and intensity of our performance quickly moves into a rushed a serious timbre as the other members of my group rush close to and reconcile a fact about how it was working in the factories. following(a) after this, my grapheme Mr. may quickly interrupts the girls conversation with a bellowing shout. This is to establish tention and keep the audience on the bank of their seats. Scene 3 starts with the other members of my group minimalisticly lighting matches with me, Mr. May stealthily lurking around in the background. He interrupts again betoken next events. that instead of the workers following his instructions they rebel and hold that their quitting their jobs and combat out. We did this too add a twist to inning tautolo! gic tension and shock the audience. Before the departure of matchless of the workers she bellows...If you emergency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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